Mental Health Workflow

Integrate Facere AI workflow into your existing systems to streamline the mental health workflow and minimise the risk of errors in paperwork and documentation.

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The surge in demand for mental health services has overwhelmed crisis helplines, making it challenging to deliver timely support during emergencies. Managing paperwork, such as appointment scheduling, insurance verification, and patient records, has become error-prone and time-consuming. These obstacles, compounded by limited financial support for mental health organisations operating on tight budgets, have caused existing staff too experience high stress levels and burnout - negatively impacting the quality of care they provide.


Our AI tool seamlessly handles repetitive manual tasks, such as automating call or report transcription, generating summaries, performing sentiment analysis, categorising cases, filling intake forms and more. By automating labor-intensive tasks, our technology reduces half the administrative workload on your team. This not only leads to reduced operational costs but also frees up valuable time and resources, enabling your team to focus more on delivering essential care and support to your patients. Ultimately, this enhances the quality of care you can offer.

Our Differentiators

Digital tools such as CRMs and Excels are primarily designed for record-keeping, however, these tools by themselves can not get the job done. Users still rely on manual task execution, leading to increased administrative burdens. However, our AI-powered workflow automation efficiently streamlines and automates tasks, prioritising end-to-end task completion.

Accuracy and Precision

Beyond its rapid processing speed, our system distinguishes itself with accuracy and reliability surpassing human capabilities.

Data Privacy and Protection

Our commitment to data security is unwavering. With a locally deployed system and proprietary AI models, your data remains safeguarded and never ventures online.

Human-Centric Approach

We uphold clinical integrity by leaving key decision-making processes in the capable hands of specialists. Our technology does not engage in any clinical decision-making processes or selecting practitioners.

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