Facere's Innovation Takes Center Stage: Showcasing AI Solutions for Healthcare Providers

On August 31st, Facere Australia had the privilege of being invited to participate in an event hosted by RMIT University's Enterprise AI and Data Analytics Hub. The event was a workshop on AI applications held for over 30 local healthcare institutions in Melbourne, such Estia health, Lifeview, Brotherhood of St Laurence, BaptCare, Switchboard, etc.

During the event, experts from Facere, CSIRO Data61 and Soineflex AI provided insights into the future applications of AI and activiely participated in discussions moderated by Prof. Kok-Leong ONG from RMIT University.

Shaun McMeeken, co-founder of Facere, showcased the company's latest successful development—an AI healthcare workflow automation system. Utilizing its self-trained enterprise-scale large langauge model and AI engine, this system has the potential to automate up to 90% of administrative tasks within the healthcare industry. This innovation significantly enhances efficiency, reduces operational costs, and even has the potential to save many lives.

The workshop served as a valuable platform for professionals from various fields to exchange ideas and gain a deeper understanding of the potential impact of AI technology on the healthcare sector.

Facere Australia is honored to have been a part of this workshop and looks forward to continuing its commitment to innovation and technological advancements in order to provide beneficial solutions for the healthcare industry, ultimately improving the quality of life and health for people. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with healthcare institutions to create a brighter future.